Happy GP has a global mission to make healthcare predictable and accessible to all.

Why Happy GP?

We live in an era of easily accessed information where we can learn about any medical condition on the Internet. Historically, medical care was driven by the clinicians.

Modern-day healthcare should be patient-driven and customized to their needs.

At Happy GP, the patient takes the driving seat and is in complete control throughout their journey. We use carefully designed pathways and artificial intelligence to deliver top quality medical care.

This is supported around the clock by a medical team passionate about healthcare.

Our vision aligns with the United Nations Global goal 2030: “Good Health and Well Being for All”. We want everyone (on this planet) to be healthy and happy and our mission is to reduce the suffering in the world by improving healthcare provision and delivery. Happy GP is the means to achieving that mission.

From the founder’s desk

During my career as a doctor, I have observed that a high percentage of healthcare appointments do not have a meaningful impact on patients’ lives thus leading to healthcare wastage. The success of an individual consultation between a clinician and patient is dependent upon the availability, communication and skill set of the clinician and the resources available to them.

In a nutshell, I couldn't bear the fact people suffered longer than was necessary. And so, I founded Happy GP to collaborate with patients and offer them a platform that harnesses the latest technology and puts each and every patient on the road to recovery in the minimum time possible.

Everyone has the right to be healthy and to receive healthcare delivered on time. When it is your health, you should be in charge of it.

Dr Sumit Sharma


Happy GP

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