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Happy GP is a unique and innovative online platform specifically designed to bring patients closer to the healthcare services that they need. Whether it be a consultation, an answer to a question, a refill for a prescription, or virtual medical triage, you can receive instant access to it all through the Happy GP platform.
For subscription packages that start as low as £1.99 per month, you can begin to take advantage of everything that Happy GP has to offer.

Our Guarantee To You

We guarantee your satisfaction, we guarantee the availability of our service, and we guarantee a smile on your face at the end of every interaction you have with our team of doctors, practitioners, clinicians, and support staff.

Our software services used to build our platform are HIPAA and GDPR compliant. Keeping users’ information safe, secure and accessible for patients anytime is our main priority. Take advantage of our online booking platform exclusively available to our patients.

How It Works

All you have to do is log into our application, and begin your consultation with our ‘round the clock team of practitioners waiting to provide you with information related to your health problems. From there, you’ll receive your personalized plan of action that includes:

  • Medical Advice
  • Prescription
  • Sick Note
  • Video Consultation
  • Face to face consultation
  • Hospital Referral (if needed)

That means health education through seminars and interactive educational videos; health promotion through active communication regarding users’ health to screen for different conditions and increase their awareness about them; triage pathways to identify any patient at risk, and help directing them to the right service; Management advice regarding chronic medical conditions to help live their normal lives day by day without fear or worry if they have to live with conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure disease; and medications review to offer advice regarding polymedicine and much more.
Last, but certainly not least, you’ll hear from our dedicated team of medical professionals who will work with you to monitor and measure your health and solicit your feedback to help us continue to improve our services.

Telehealth Made Simple

Our web-based medical application makes telehealth simpler and more comprehensive than ever before. Instantly receive healthcare support on the go through our online platform with a phone call or a quick video chat with a real practitioner.

Chat virtually with our advanced chatbot built with artificial technology and smart learning capabilities. Ask questions, request advice, and receive the insight you need into your own health and wellbeing. With a wide range of triage symptom measurements, you can ensure your safety and receive the direct support you need from the right health services.

Ready To Subscribe?

It’s time to take control of your health, click here to subscribe with us! Do you run a Hospital or a Medical Practice?
If you’re a practice owner and you want to ensure that your patients have access to the services that you provide, we’d love to partner with you. We offer comprehensive branding packages that allow you to create your own patient portal through the Happy GP platform.
With affordable subscription services designed to provide your patients instant access with medical support when they’re unable to make it into your office, you can continue to grow your practice through Happy GP.

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